Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairy tale that holds a special place within everyones childhood. It has manay origins and was immortalised by the Brothers Grimm. Our Sleeping Beauty takes place in the far off kingdom of Romania. King Bentley and Queen Portia are blessed with a baby girl, at her christening they invite the three good faries Beyonce, Beontime and Beontop to become her godmothers. Each bestow a powerful charm but the happiness is shattered by the apperance of the evil Gasthag. Upset that she wasn't invited to the christening, she curses Beauty - on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. Her fairy godmothers reverse the curse of death to 100 years sleep, providing she is awakend by her true love. The hapless royal court, Nanny Moneypenny, Lord Rupert with his spoilt daughter Verruca and Simple Simon set out to find the Prince Justin who wanders the kingdom in search for Princess Beauty. Chaos ensues when the Princess pricks her finger, to be saved by Prince Justin just in time. 

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