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Aladdin Auditons 

Role Descriptions & Information

Each year open auditons are held for The Tamworth Pantomime Company. If you are a local talent and fancy getting involved please contact us! We have many different roles on and off stage that need filling here are just a few: 

  • Actors & Singers 

  • Dancer's 

  • Technical Crew 

  • Stage Crew 

  • Wardobe managers 

If you would like some more detailed information on any of the above roles please contact Olivia on 07814 908827. 


Sunday 28th June 2015


| Contact | 



Alex Farrell: 07825 213197

Olivia Shepherd: 07814 908827


Please contact us to book a time slot 

to audition. 

All of our auditions take place infront of a small panel consisting of members of the company committee. The auditions are conducted informally and you will be asked a few simple questions. You will need to prepare a song to sing if the role you want to audition for requires vocal work. Alternatively if you are unsure about what part to apply for, thats fine! You will also be asked to read a few lines from a script. Please ensure that you can make all of the performance dates before auditioning. The final casting decision will be made by the Director, Producer and Choreographer respectively. 


Parts Available For Audition 



Aladdin - (Leading Male) 

Our hero, a young man. Brave, energetic, handsome, regular hero qualities, nice guy. Aladdin has a terrible habit of getting himself in to trouble, especially with the Emperor's police men Ping & Pong. He is always chasing his dreams and would like to provide a better life for his mother and brother. 
Should have good comedy timing and be able to sing, dance and act.
Widow Twanky - (Dame – male) 
Mother to Aladdin and Wishee Washee. She runs the town Launderette, constantly complains of being overworked but really does very little. Gives out a lot, strong, brash character. Twankey dreams of a life without smelly socks and hopes one day to find a new man. 
Good comedy timing essential, should be able to hold a tune.
Wishee Washee - (Male, lead comedy character) 
Aladdin's older brother. Hopeless and terribly clumsy - try to compensate by making people laugh. Wishee Washee often gets caught in Aladdin's shadow and wishes he could be as charming as his younger brother. Wishee and Twankey are very close working together in the laundry and trying to avoid their landlord Mr Sing Sing. 
Good comedy timing essential, clown skills preferable, should be able to ad-lib. 
Abanarzar - (Male - Villain) 
Was once The Pharaoh's advisor, the baddie of the piece. Tall, dark and creepy, fancy's himself as a powerful magician but really all his magical attempts end in disaster. He has been banished for years and now seeks a magical lamp that can help him rule the world. 
Good comedy timing essential, must be able to ad-lib. 
Princess So-So -Shi - (leading Lady) 
A beautiful, headstrong young lady, Aladdin's love interest. Although she is royalty The Princess has the strength to stand up for her self and her friends. She feels trapped inside the palace walls and is upset at her parents insistence that she must marry a prince. Must be able to sing, dance and act.

Mr Sing - Sing - (Male) 
Mr Sing-Sing is Twankey's landlord. He has been owed rent on the laundry for a very long time and has done his best to help Twankey and her troublesome sons. Hapless and often misguided, Sing-Sing has a good heart and is always willing to help. Could he be a good match for the Widow? 
Must be able to act well, comedic timing is essential. 

Emperor Of Chop - Suey - (Male) 
A wise old man who is strangely silent (nothing to do with his wife's constant chattering I am sure). He loves his daughter dearly and wishes to see her happy, often letting her get away with things her Mother wouldn't. 
Must be able to act well. 
Empress Chop- Suey - (female) 
Highly strung, a fuss-pot who is waiting to boil over. The Empress is a good woman but often can't see the opinions of other around her. She runs a very strict palace and keeps her best police inspectors Ping & Pong in the Peking market place. 
Must be able to act well. 
Inspectors Ping & Pong - (Double act male or female) 
Two completely useless police men of the Palace who try to keep the peace. More often than not they spend most of their time chasing Aladdin after he has played a prank on them. They have been customers of Twankey's for years - and strangely their socks never seem to match. 
Comedy skills are essential, must be able to ad-lib and work together. 
The Slave Of The Ring - (male/female)
This magical being has been in the possession of Abanarzar for a number of years. Trapped and resentful of their evil master, their powers are limited.
Must be able to act and dance. 

The Genie Of The Lamp - (male/female) 
This Genie is one of the most sought after powers in the world. This being will only grant their master 3 wishes. 
Must be able to act well. 
The Magic Carpet - (male/female) 
An enchanted rug that ends up on a market stall in Peking. After helping Aladdin escape Ping & Pong they strike up a close friend ship and the Carpet assists Aladdin during his journey... it even flys! 
Must be able to act well. Gymnastic/tumbling skills are required. 

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